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The Bay Smile Docs are a full-service preventative dental practice with offices in Lynn Haven and Panama City Beach. We offer extended hours at both locations to better serve you. When you enter our office, you’ll know you’re in a place designed for comfort and care for all your family members.


We value compassion, quality service, respect, honesty, and integrity. Our team works hard to build a trusting relationship with each one of our patients. We are motivated to create a positive experience for our patients. Preventive dental care is the number one way to avoid major dental issues down the road. It’s the key to long-term dental health for people of all ages.

The Bay Smile Docs knows the importance of a healthy, happy smile. That’s why we offer expert dental hygiene services in a caring, professional environment. Our hygienist works with our dentists in the following preventative dentistry and corrective actions:

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The Bay Smile Docs Dentistry Difference

The Bay Smile Docs goal is to make our patients feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible. Our extensive continuing education and training allows our dentists, hygienists, clinical and front office staff to deliver exceptional quality, value and service. We focus on our patient's individual needs as well as to building lifetime relationships. When you schedule an appointment and meet our team, you will readily experience “we love what we do” and it shows in all that we do. Our website is designed to show our staff, our qualifications and experience, our services and our caring approach to helping you realize excellence in dental health care. Please enjoy reviewing our services through our website and we hope you will schedule an appointment and meet our dentistry family.

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A Note About Periodontal Disease

The Bay Smile Docs is a preventative dentistry practice helping patients develop sound dental health habits. Several factors contribute to periodontal disease: plaque build-up, heredity and lifestyle choices. Conservative estimates report that up to 80% of people unknowingly have some amount of periodontal disease. By far, the most common and controllable factor is bacterial plaque – the sticky, colorless film produced by normal oral bacteria. Unhindered, they release toxins that break down the natural fibers holding your gums to your teeth, even allowing more bacteria to invade. Over time, this process can permanently damage or destroy the affected tooth, tooth root and even the jawbone.


The Bay Smiles Doc encourages you to maintain a healthy diet and develop excellent dental health habits. Please call and schedule an appointment today and meet our professional dental team who you will find caring, courteous and considerate of your dental needs.


We encourage you to take the first step towards getting the radiant smile you deserve with Invisalign clear aligners. People of all ages are using Invisalign. In fact, it is reported that teens are 2X more likely to have a boost in self-esteem wearing Invisalign clear aligners than metal braces.


We know there are other options on the market for straightening teeth, but none offers the level of comfort, convenience and confidence you will find with Invisalign. You may be surprised to learn that the benefits of having property aligned teeth extend beyond a confident and beautiful smile.


According to some dental reports, straightening your teeth can actually significantly affect your overall health.

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Root Canal Therapy

A root canal, also called endodontic therapy, treats teeth that have become severely damaged, allowing the nerves and blood vessels inside the tooth to become infected.  We also may recommend a root canal if a tooth has become so damaged or decayed that future infection appears inevitable. Root canals have a reputation for being painful, but modern endodontic techniques and anesthetics make the procedure no more uncomfortable than having a tooth filled. After completing the root canal, the tooth will need to be properly restored with either a crown or filling, depending on how much tooth has been damaged and where in the mouth it is located.


Root canals are often the preferred way of handling significant damage.  An extraction followed by bridgework or an implant is an alternative, but any replacement of a tooth can be more expensive, take more time, and be more invasive. Root canals are the least expensive and quickest way to save your tooth.



We have a surgeon on-site.  A Periodontist is a dentist who specializes in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of periodontal disease, and in the placement of dental implants.  Periodontists receive extensive training in these areas through three extra years of educational training beyond dental school.  Bay Smile Docs surgeon offers a wide range of treatments on-site in both our Lynn Haven and Panama City Beach locations.


Why can’t I just take antibiotics and make the infection go away?

Your body's ability to handle infections inside teeth is different from the other parts of your body. That's because teeth are hard, cavernous objects with limited entry points in which your body can enter/exit the structure.


A) Regular body infections


Take for example that your arm has a cut and it has become infected.  Your body's immune system will kick into gear.  The area will be infiltrated by white blood cells that will combat the invading bacteria and they will get there by way of your blood vessels and lymphatic system.  And, in most cases, your cells will win. They will kill off the offending bacteria.  Now consider infections inside teeth:


B) Tooth infections


Once a tooth's nerve tissue and blood supply have started to die off, bacteria will take up residence inside the tooth's nerve space.  These bacteria are surrounded by a nice hard structure, isolated from the rest of the body.  This makes it difficult for white blood cells to get at these bacteria to combat them. A tooth whose nerve has died provides a prefect incubator for bacteria to live, thrive and multiply because the blood and lymphatic vessels inside the tooth are destroyed and cannot  transport these cells directly to where they are needed.  


With this scenario, at best your body will only be able to cordon off the infection stemming from inside your tooth. At worst, the infection will massively overwhelm your body's defenses and pain and swelling will ensue (an acute tooth abscess).

What root canal treatment accomplishes.

Endodontic therapy provides for a third outcome, one where the infection is not just cordoned off but can actually be cleared up.  We gain access to the hollow chamber inside your tooth, kill and remove the bacteria mechanically and chemically, and seal the hole so bacteria no longer have a safe place to hide from your body’s immune system.   That’s it!  It’s the same concept of doing a filling only we are inside the tooth removing disease and then filling the hole instead out outside the tooth, removing the cavity and filling the hole.

Steps to Prevent Future Root Canal Procedures

Although modern root canals are not painful, avoiding major dental work is always preferable. You can minimize your chances of needing a future root canal by following these simple principles:


1) Brush and floss regularly, use fluoride rinses nightly.

2) Have your teeth cleaned and examined at least twice a year.

3) Replace old broken down fillings and crowns immediately.

4) Protect yourself from injury during athletics by wearing an appropriate mouth guard.

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